OneSmartCookie blog author21-year old book lover, owner of Maus the cat, Potthead, chocoholic and passionate healthy food chef. My name is Nika, and I’m the face behind the One Smart Cookie recipes.
Trying to spread my love for healthy food on others, one day I’ve come up with an idea of making this blog.

One Smart Cookie is a long term healthy food project, based mostly on vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. The name One Smart Cookie is associated with thoughtful choosing of ingredients within recipe; in other words, by selecting healthier ingredients even desserts become nutritionally rich, so we can enjoy them without guilt!

Every recipe on this website is prepared with love and motivation for the next to be even better. The content of the blog is based on my personal experience, analysis, preference and opinion – but, we all have different taste, so feel free to adjust the recipes to your own, or may they simply serve you as an inspiration for something entirely new!

I hope you will enjoy the website, and if you have any questions or you just want to send your support or recommendations, feel free to contact me!


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